FlySense® Vape Detector Bundle (+ 1-year Platform Subscription)


The FlySense ® Vape Detector is the #1 Vape Detector and Bullying Solution For Schools

SwabTek has partnered with Soter Technologies to provide SwabTek's customers the FlySense® Vape Detector. FlySense® is the #1 Vape Detector in the United States, and has been deployed in thousands of schools across the country. FlySense® air quality monitoring technology makes it easy to detect vaping in areas where you cannot place a camera or microphone, like school bathrooms.

The FlySense® Vape Detector is a perfect complement to SwabTek's Cannabis and General Narcotics Test Kits. SwabTek's test kits allow the user to detect for the presence of cannabis, nicotine, and other narcotics on-site while investigating incidents of vape detection.

Every purchase of a FlySense® Vape Detector bundle comes with a box of 25 SwabTek Cannabis Test Kits, free of charge.


FlySense® Features:

- Real-time vape and sound anomalies detector.
- Real-time Email and SMS Alerts.
- Monitors air quality and potential bullying.
- Empowers you to gain control of areas where you cannot place a camera or microphone.
- Integrates seamlessly with Camera Systems (VMS) and Access Controls.
- Detects the vaping of THC, Nicotine, and other vaping products.


What's included with my purchase?

- 1 FlySense® Vape Detector ($995/unit).
- One-Time Platform Activation Fee ($495/system).
- 1-year Subscription to the FlySense® Remote Device Management & Analytics Cloud Platform (First year free, annual subscriptions starting at $150 for future years). 
- Free SwabTek Training and Support.
- FlySense ® Support from Soter Technologies.  

    For more information, or for pricing on multi-unit/multi-year contracts, contact sales@swabtek.com.