SwabTek provides affordable, versatile, and mobile tools for security involved in protecting against the threat of terrorism.

SwabTek’s Explosives Detection Tests are the perfect tools for use in counter-terrorism efforts. The simple, compact, and rapid tests are a valuable addition to liquid and cargo screening practices, to help rapidly identify threat compounds and precursors.

SwabTek’s Liquid Explosives Test Kit is a Standard 3 A Liquid Explosives Detection System, as certified by the European Civil Aviation Conference, and has been designated as an approved small volume Liquid Explosives Detection System by the UK Department for Transport.

SwabTek’s Dry Explosives Test Kit has received approval for use by the UK Home Office Scientific Development Branch.


Transportation Security/Aviation

Border Protection

Events/Mass-Gatherings Security


Cargo Screening


“We really like the SwabTek products due to their ease of use for the screeners. There is no sample cup needed to pour liquid into and they are inexpensive.”


- Emergency Director, AVINOR, Airport Operator