SwabTek produces industry-leading presumptive tests for use by traditional law enforcement personnel in patrol, in forensics, and in narcotics interdiction.

SwabTek sells the world’s premier test kits for officers who require presumptive testing capabilities in the field. Test kits are available to screen for all major families of narcotics, potential explosives, and gunshot residue.

SwabTek allows officers to test swiftly, safely, and accurately, providing world-class technological improvements to traditional color tests. SwabTek tests eliminate any potential risk of injury or toxic exposure posed to the officer by removing hazardous liquids, carcinogens, and glass components from the test entirely.

All tests are validated to the National Institute of Justice Standards for Color Chemistry, meaning officers can confidently use SwabTek’s tests for equivalent chemical analysis, without putting themselves in harm’s way.


Sheriff/Police Departments

K9 Units

State Police


Highway Patrol

Wildlife/Parks Officers

"SwabTek Counter-Narcotics kits are a great tool for our officers to quickly and accurately test for narcotics in the field."


- Sheriff Eric Garza, Cameron County, TX