SwabTek provides a simple, safe, and reliable means to screen for drugs at critical junctures in narcotics trafficking.

SwabTek’s narcotics test kits are the market-leader in presumptive field testing for drugs. Test kits are available to screen for major narcotics classes such as amphetamines, cocaine, cannabinoids, opiates, and major fentanyl analogues.

SwabTek tests are easy to store, stow, and deploy, and require minimal training to get started. They are the perfect solution for mobile teams working at critical junctures in narcotics trafficking, who need to safely identify potential drugs in the field.

SwabTek’s General Narcotics Test Kit is a versatile test that will detect most major narcotics in a single screen. This test is optimally deployed in high-traffic screening scenarios with zero-tolerance drug policies, such as in mail screening, cargo screening, and in corrections contraband detection.


Counter-Narcotics Task Forces

Postal Inspection Services

Corrections/Prison Contraband Control


Border Protection

Commercial Vehicle Inspection

“Once I used SwabTek test strips, I purchased enough to equip every HSI investigator in the state... We are using them every day.”


- Homeland Security Investigations/ICE Investigator, South Carolina