Cannabis Test Kit



SwabTek’s Cannabis Test Kit is the answer for testing for the presumptive presence of cannabis in an age where cannabis products are available in any form.

Since the kit uses a treated cotton swab, it can be used to test for cannabis residue on any surface and does not require a sample of plant material. With this advancement, SwabTek’s kits can be used to detect cannabis in samples that could previously not be tested, from vape pens and creams to edibles and surfaces that have come in contact with cannabis.

The test kit can detect cannabis in samples of plant material, oils, liquids, vaping pipes, vaping juices, gels, creams and edibles.

SwabTek is now shipping a new and improved, Generation 2 version of the Cannabis Test Kit! For more information about the new format, contact a member of SwabTek's team.

Prices quoted are for the US domestic market.  International pricing may vary.


• Δ-9-THC
• Marijuana
• Industrial Hemp
• Cannabinoids
• Hashish
• Ganja