The Next Generation of SwabTek Test Kits

The Next Generation of SwabTek Test Kits

SwabTek is introducing the next generation of SwabTek test kits, featuring tests for Gunshot Residue, THC, and General Narcotics. The test kits are the latest entries in SwabTek's portfolio of industry-leading tools for explosives and narcotics detection.

The SwabTek Gunshot Residue (GSR) test kit is a single-use screen that can be used to detect the recent discharge of a firearm. The solvent-treated swab of the test can be used to lift suspected residue off of any surface, including hard surfaces like gun parts and tabletops, textile surfaces like clothing and car seats, and skin surfaces such as hands and arms.

The SwabTek THC test kit can be used to presumptively analyze the total THC concentration of cannabis-containing samples. The simple test allows users to screen plant and concentrate samples, and results in a color change that can be matched to a gradient with corresponding THC concentration values. The gradient can be used to discern cannabis samples with 0-0.3% THC concentration (Hemp) and 0.3%+ (Marijuana).

The SwabTek General Narcotics test kit is a multi-purpose screen that can be used to test for many classes of narcotics. The test screens for many common street drug groups (amphetamines, synthetic opioids, cocaine, LSD, benzodiazepines, etc.), many narcotic precursors, and many common synthetic cannabinoids, often referred to as K2 or Spice. The broad scope of this test makes it a great preliminary screen when used in conjunction with more targeted tests, or as a the sole screen in enforcing zero-tolerance drug policy in settings such as corrections, private workplaces, and schools. 
To learn more about SwabTek's portfolio of test kits, visit the resources section of the SwabTek website for downloadable instructions and information: swabtek.com/resources