SwabTek/NSA Webinar — Testing for Hemp vs. Marijuana

SwabTek/NSA Webinar — Testing for Hemp vs. Marijuana

SwabTek has completed the live event for their third webinar: Understanding Hemp vs Marijuana – and how to test for the difference, put on by the National Sheriffs’ Association and Justice Clearinghouse.

Discussions surrounding the policing and identification of cannabis plants can be confusing. Hemp is legal federally, whereas Marijuana is not. Even in states where Marijuana is legal, the legality can be conditional based on a number of factors.

This webinar aims to help bring some clarity to the subject. The speakers will provide an explanation of the actual difference between hemp and marijuana and how you can presumptively test for the difference when there is a question.

For those that missed the webinar, or are interested in rewatching, a complete playback of the event is available on demand from GoToWebinar.
The National Sheriffs’ Association’s Hemp vs. Marijuana Webinar is the third in a series of webinars put on in a joint effort with SwabTek and Justice Clearinghouse. To watch the previous events on Fentanyl and Narcotics in Schools Post-Pandemic, use the following links to access resources and the live recording associated with each event: