SwabTek Launches First Responders PPE Purchasing Cooperative

SwabTek Launches First Responders PPE Purchasing Cooperative

The sudden emergence of the COVID-19 Pandemic has created new and unforeseen challenges for businesses and individuals across the United States, and nowhere is this impact felt more strongly than among our First Responders who find themselves on the frontlines of battling this outbreak. The resulting global shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) has led to government action redirecting centralized supplies to medical workers and hospitals, leaving many State and Local governments to fend for themselves. SwabTek understands that local police departments, fire departments and sheriff’s offices are not equipped with the resources and experience necessary to navigate the procurement of PPE. This leaves buyers in a vulnerable position, especially at a time where profiteers and middlemen are looking to exploit buyers who are new to the market.

SwabTek is working on behalf of our customers to help get the supplies they need, from verified sources, at the lowest possible price. Through our Purchasing Cooperative Program, first responders across the country get to utilize SwabTek’s logistics and procurement expertise to ensure that PPE products purchased are authentic, certified, and delivered in a timely and transparent manner.

Examples of Available Products

Program Features

Order Aggregation: SwabTek collects and aggregates orders from first responders across the country, giving smaller departments access to the benefits of bulk purchasing, including quantity discounts and access to products that are only available at very high volumes. The bulk orders will be delivered to SwabTek or a domestic fulfillment partner, parcelled out, and delivered to each individual department.

Quality Assurance: SwabTek’s aggregated orders are placed through trusted and validated suppliers that have been pre-vetted by SwabTek’s Risk Management Team. Any PPE shipments that are foreign-sourced from overseas suppliers will be subject to inspection by a SwabTek foreign QA partner before the product changes possession in the foreign country. Products that are subject to import restrictions or certifications will have their credentials validated with the appropriate authority by SwabTek’s Medical Device importation partner to ensure compliance with FDA and CBP regulation.

Giveback Program: All proceeds generated through SwabTek’s Purchasing Cooperative program are subject to the terms of SwabTek's Customer & Community Giveback Program. Under this program, a portion of the profit generated from PPE sales may be available for the customer as credit. Credit can be redeemed for additional PPE supplies for the customer, used to purchase some of SwabTek’s core products, or can be applied towards a donation of PPE supplies to an organization of the customer’s choosing.