SwabTek Expands Access to Safe, Affordable Narcotics Field Testing Solution in Light of Rising Drug Crisis

SwabTek Expands Access to Safe, Affordable Narcotics Field Testing Solution in Light of Rising Drug Crisis

Access to testing crucial with over 40 states reporting increases in opioid-related deaths during the COVID-19 pandemic.


SAN DIEGO,  Dec. 2, 2020 SwabTek, the only field testing brand on the market that uses dry reagent technology, is broadening access and distribution of easy-to-use, safe and affordable narcotics and explosives field tests for more user segments. The brand recently expanded its product line with new, in-demand tests, broadened its distribution through Forensics Source, and refreshed its branding and website to reflect its broadening customer base.

According to the American Medical Association, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the U.S. opioid epidemic is intensifying. With narcotics use and legalization trends growing, along with increasing security threats with guns and explosives globally, security professionals and first responders need effective field testing tools now more than ever. 

“We know that drug distribution and use is on the rise due to stressors from the COVID-19 pandemic, and we want to be part of the solution to combat the drug crisis in the U.S. and abroad,” said Bobby Betros, CEO for SwabTek. “By providing a user-safe, innovative testing solution for new audiences, we’re hopeful that more people will be able to secure their environment with our reliable screening products.”

SwabTek’s test kits are designed to test surfaces for the presumptive presence of opioids, amphetamines, cocaine, cannabis and nicotine, as well as the chemicals used in wet and dry explosives. These test kits are safe and simple to use, free of harmful chemicals, highly sensitive and accurate, and usable on any surface or sample. SwabTek’s newest offering, the Fentanyl+ test kit screens for fentanyl plus other select high-threat narcotics in any substance. It has quickly become one of the brand’s best sellers during the pandemic. 

Unlike traditional field testing methods, SwabTek kits use dry reagent technology, yielding results in a matter of seconds. SwabTek test kits are more portable and safer than other options on the market, in addition to being more cost effective. Watch a test demonstration video here: swabtek.com/resources.

Field Testing in Schools

A particular emphasis for the brand is expanding test kit use among schools. According to a December 2019 Monitoring the Future survey, school-aged teens are increasing nicotine and marijuana vaping, with 35% of high school seniors having vaped nicotine and more than one-fifth (21%) having vaped marijuana in the last 12 months. 

In the last year, Washoe County Schools in Reno, Nevada, started using SwabTek Cannabis test kits to test vape pens, edibles, creams and other questionable substances.

“With other types of test kits, there was no way to test vape pens or other products like that,” said Washoe County school resource officer police sergeant Tracy Moore. “SwabTek test kits are helping us identify what kids have on them. They're good, quick field tests that are easier to use than other tests on the market.”

Developed by a team of research chemists, the SwabTek brand debuted on the market last fall and has been used by hundreds of police departments, school resource officers, airport security professionals and other safety professionals in the U.S., Europe and South America. The brand plans to add more presumptive tests to its product line in the coming months, including a test for gun residue detection. 

About SwabTek, a Veriteque brand

SwabTek test kits set a new standard for narcotics and explosives presumptive field testing with technology that is simple, safe and effective. SwabTek offers the world’s only dry reagent-based narcotics and explosives field tests and puts user-friendly field test kits back in the hands of frontline security professionals. In addition to test kits, SwabTek also sources personal protective equipment available for purchase for frontline health care personnel. Find out more about SwabTek at swabtek.com and follow the brand on LinkedIn, @swab_tek on Twitter and Instagram, and on Facebook for more updates.