SwabTek Donates Much-Needed Hand Sanitizer to the Denver Police Foundation

SwabTek Donates Much-Needed Hand Sanitizer to the Denver Police Foundation

July 24, 2020, Carson City, NV - SwabTek, a nationwide provider of protective gear and test kits for law enforcement and first responders, has donated more than 500 bottles of hand sanitizer to the Denver Police Foundation (DPF) for use by the Denver Police Department.

The DPF is a nonprofit, charitable organization that supports Denver police by providing for program and equipment needs beyond what is possible through the regular city budget. With the onset of Covid-19, police departments and other public safety agencies have faced challenges securing the protective gear and sanitizer they need.

About the donation, SwabTek CEO Bob Betros said, “The past several months have been extremely difficult for law enforcement agencies and first responders all across the nation, and Denver is no exception. SwabTek is in the business of providing test kits and protective gear that allow those on the front lines of public safety to do their jobs more safely.”

“The Denver Police Foundation is doing great work to help ensure that the Denver police have the supplies and equipment they need to help the community deal with Covid-19, and we are grateful for the opportunity to help.”

In recent weeks, SwabTek has joined with the National Sheriffs’ Association and other organizations to sponsor a number of charitable efforts designed to provide first responders with the PPE they need. As a result of those efforts, more than 225,000 protective masks have been donated to law enforcement personnel.

SwabTek also has an ongoing "Buy One, Give One" (B.O.G.O.) program through which anyone can purchase protective masks and have an equal number of masks donated to a local law enforcement agency.


Photos of the Denver Police Department receiving SwabTek’s sanitizer donation: