SwabTek™ Expands Global Footprint With New International Distributors

SwabTek™ Expands Global Footprint With New International Distributors

SAN DIEGO, Sept., 2021 /PRNewswire/ - SwabTekTM is announcing a series of new partners that are the latest members of the company’s distributor partnership program. These new additions join an already robust distribution network that provide SwabTek’s threat detection technology to safety and security personnel across the globe.


SwabTek is a US-based manufacturer that produces the world's only dry reagent detection tests for narcotics and explosives, serving law enforcement, educators, and security professionals. Based on an overwhelming international demand for threat detection technology that is simple, affordable, and easily transported, SwabTek has sought strategic partnerships to help provide their technology around the globe.


Since SwabTek’s tests are based on dry reagents and natural solvents, they are not subject to any dangerous goods or hazardous materials regulations, restrictions, or tariffs that typically impede the international transport of presumptive testing technology. As a result, they can be easily and cost-effectively imported to provide much-needed threat detection tools to most markets.


Already, SwabTek has secured distributors in a number of key markets across the law enforcement, military, aviation and security verticals. SwabTek’s products have been sold in 30 countries across the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Oceania.


Some of SwabTek’s new and notable distributors include the following:

  • Alcotech Ltd. – Singapore
  • I-Ray International – Korea
  • Integrated Security Solutions – Latin America & Caribbean
  • Integrated Scientific Solutions – United Arab Emirates
  • Propinsa – Latin America & Caribbean
  • Rampart Corporation – Canada
  • SDS Ltd. – United Kingdom
  • VISIOM – France


Prospective buyers in the regions listed above are encouraged to contact the appropriate distributor for questions regarding SwabTek’s products and pricing.


Parties who are interested in learning more about SwabTek’s distributor partnership program may contact the company at sales@swabtek.com.


SwabTek's full line of narcotics test kits, including those for Cannabis, Amphetamines, Cocaine, Heroin, Fentanyl, THC and Nicotine are currently available to law enforcement professionals and educators across the country.  Find out more about SwabTek at swabtek.com and follow the brand on LinkedIn, @swab_tek on Twitter, @swabtek on Instagram, and on Facebook for more updates.

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